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Beck Tek Gun Mats


All the products we create and sell are an attempt to capture the thrill, excitement and pride of gun ownership. Our primary product, gun mats, does this by depicting the fascinating mechanical assembly of each firearm accompanied with data, history and details on each gun. We don't want cleaning, repairing or storing your firearm to be a chore and when seated in front of one of our gun mats, it certainly won't be. Aside from the aesthetic and intellectual appeal of our gun mats they also serve a very purposeful and functional role in protecting your firearms. We worked with numerous suppliers and tested many materials to find one that would be suited for both the imprinting of the design as well as protection of your firearm. The top surface of the gun mat is soft and made to protect your gun from scratches while the rubber backing will help to absorb damaging impacts from accidentally dropping your gun or parts while working on them and it also helps hold the mat in place while it is in use. We also utilize a special printing technology that prevents the ink from simply sitting on top of the material but instead fuses the ink into the fibers of the cloth via sublimation. This keeps the surface of the gun pads completely soft and even and helps ensure the print will last through repeated washing and cleaning of the gun mat. Your gun is a pride possession and investment and should be protected as such. Whether you’re into the simple pleasure of blowing stuff up with supersonic pieces of flying lead or you value your gun more as a historical relic, our products are suited for you.