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Pelican Micro Cases totally protect your valuables, as they are watertight, airtight, crushproof and have an automatic pressure purge valve. Every Micro case is available in solid color or clear with matching liner and speed lock. They include a ring and a lanyard for easy attachment.

Micro Cases are excellent for trips or outdoor activities when you need to protect your valuables from water, falls, knocks, sun, atmospheric changes, etc. and they are small enough to fit into luggage, bags, glove compartments, other Pelican Protector Cases™ and so on. 

And remember, smaller does not mean less strong. Micro Cases are just as durable as the larger models. You break it, Pelican replaces it -- forever.

Designed to be carried anywhere, Pelican Flashlights are built Pelican tough, and many are safety approved for hazardous environments, submersible up to 500 feet, or easily convertible to hands-free use with Pelican's comprehensive set of optional helmet clamps. On land, or by sea, Pelican Flashlights show you the way. Powerful beams and the most sophisticated lamp and reflector assemblies produce white collimated beams, or soft wide flood like beams. Pelican lights offer the brightness and safety needed whether in the workplace, during recreation or at home. Used by the U.S. Military, Police and Fire Departments, and Search and Rescue Teams worldwide.