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Panteao Productions


Panteao (pronounced Pan-tē-ō) is Portuguese for Pantheon, which means “a temple or place for the gods” or “a group of persons most highly regarded for contributions to a field or endeavor”. The name is fitting since Panteao Productions produces instructional videos taught by highly regarded instructors from our industry. Now instead of you going to the instructor, the instructor comes to you! You get to learn in a one-on-one training format. It’s like having them as your own personal trainers, teaching you step-by-step. The name of our instructional video series is “Make Ready”. Regardless of your experience level, Panteao has training courses for you. Plus, we will be introducing more training, more instructors, and other exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Led by industry vet Rick Bravo, known best for his work on Michael Mann’s hard crime film and series Miami Vice, our team has a wealth of experience in high-speed, high-impact filmmaking from action movies to major league sports. For the first time in the shooting sports/tactical video world, you can purchase an instructional DVD or a video subscription to the entire collection of products, giving you immediate access to the entire Make Ready! library - streamed direct in High Definition.