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      Shields Of Strength: Forever Grateful Military Coin #40004


      Shields Of Strength: Forever Grateful Military Coin #40004

       $ 14.99


Made in honor of Col. David Dodd for the purpose of saying thank you to every man or woman that ever put on a military uniform and made the difficult decision to say “Here am I send me.”

Col. Dodd has given me the unique blessing of seeing our military up close and personal from Fort Huachuca, AZ to the Pentagon in Washington DC and most military bases in between.  I have learned so much from Col Dodd about our military but the most profound thing I learned was the fact that almost nothing means more to a member of our military than a thank you from a civilian.

Col. Dodd had coins and awards given to him by the highest ranking Military Commanders in the United States Arms Forces.  They were very special to him and I expected they would be.  What I never expected though was to arrive in his office to see those finely crafted gifts given by the highest ranking Generals in the US Military sitting on a table or in a drawer and the ragged gifts I had tried to assemble as a token of my appreciation for his service on his wall.  Seeing that made me realize that we civilians carry with us the gift our soldiers need most.  A token of our appreciation, a hug, a handshake, and the most sincere thank you we can muster.  Our military and their families have given perhaps as much or more than any generation of warriors ever to serve this great Nation.  They walk among us everyday living with the consequences but still expecting nothing from us.  What we have though could help them fight the war that continues to rage in their hearts.  We are all grateful and in some way many of them know it but most of them have not personally been told it.  For them to hear it or even better yet to hear it and be left with a token of our appreciation can be if not the silver bullet in the war that rages in their hearts at the very least a weapon to fight with.

In my time with Col. Dodd traveling our Nation visiting so many of our warriors I learned that coins are very special to our troops.  Most commanders have their own.  When commanders meet each other they exchange coins and when excellence is achieved your commander will give you his coin.  The dream and prayer for the Forever Grateful coin is that it will help bridge the gap between our warriors and the civilians they fight for.  This coin is intended to be given by a civilian to a member of our military and or their family members for their sacrifice.  They can’t perform some excellent feat and receive it and they can’t get one from another commander.  They simply earned our gratitude when they made the decision to set themselves aside for the sake of others.  Now I pray you will help me make sure they receive at least one sincere thank you.  I suspect it may just be a moment you will never forget and I can all but assure you it will be a moment they will never forget.

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