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      SABRE Home Defense Spray #HM-80


      SABRE Home Defense Spray #HM-80

       $ 13.99

Product Details:
The possession and or sale of defense sprays are legal in the vast majority of states and cities across the United States. However, a few states and cities have chosen to enact laws restricting in some way the possession and or sale of these products. To the best of our knowledge, listed below is the most current information on cities and states with legal restrictions. Check your local laws to determine the legality of carrying defense sprays products in your area.

  • Massachusetts

    Top Brass cannot ship products to consumers in Massachusetts. SABRE, SABRE Red and FRONTIERSMAN products must be purchased from a licensed gun dealer.

  • New York

    Top Brass cannot ship products to consumers in New York. SABRE Red and FRONTIERSMAN products must be purchased from a licensed gun dealer or pharmacy.

  • California

    Top Brass cannot ship SABRE or SABRE Red products weighing more than 2.5 ozs. to consumers in California.

  • Michigan

    Top Brass can only ship SABRE formulas weighing less than 35 grams or SABRE Red formulas in a 2% OC formulation.

  • New Jersey

    Customers in NJ cannot order any defense spray over 0.75 ozs.

  • Wisconsin

    Top Brass can only ship SABRE Red products weighing less than or equal to 60 grams.

  • Hawaii

    Customers in Hawaii cannot order any SABRE 3-IN-1 Formula products.

Locate this 2.5 oz home defense spray with glow-in-dark (gid) safety and wall mount clip immediately in dark. Home defense contains 25 shots with a range of 8 to 10 feet.


  • 2.5 oz Home Unit - Wall Mount & Glow-In-The-Dark Safety

  • Projects 8 to 10 Fee

  • Heavy Cone Delivery - Greater Respiratory Affect

  • Contains Approximatley 25 Shots

    SABRE's, Advanced 3-in-1 Formulation, contains Red Pepper, CS Military Tear Gas and an Ultraviolet Marking Dye to aid in suspect identification. SABRE combines the inflammatory effects of Red Pepper with the severe facial irritation produced by CS Tear Gas to produce an effect which is superior to any single ingredient defense spray.

    SABRE provides you with the following advantages:

  • 5x's more shots per canister - most key chain units contain approximately five (5) shots while SABRE contains approximately twenty-five (25).

  • Advanced 3-In-1 Formulation provides increased stopping power.

  • UV Marking Dye for suspect identification.

  • 4 year expiration date is up to 2 years longer than most other sprays.

  • Guaranteed Heat - Security Equipment Corporation's High Preformance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Laboratory scientificaly ensures heat specifications are met in every canister. No other manufacturer provides on-site HPLC technology to guarantee the strength of their sprays.

    Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975!

  Product Sku: 110-008    

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