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Law Enforcement

law enforcement

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Top Brass Military & Tactical Supplies caters to the Law Enforcement and Duty Officer industries. We love to supply LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPLIES and LAW ENFORCEMENT GEAR.

LAW ENFORCEMENT DUTY HOLSTERS come in a variety of ways to carry your gun. Choose from Law Enforcement Shoulder Holsters, Law Enforcement Gun Holsters, Law Enforcement Pistol Holsters, Law Enforcement Padded Slings, Law Enforcement Shoulder Holsters, Law Enforcement Thigh Mounted Holsters, Universal Holsters, and Law Enforcement Hip Holsters.

LAW ENFORCEMENT BATONS protect our duty officers. Top Brass Military has Expanding Batons, Side Handle Batons, Expanding Batons, and Steel Batons which you can match to your comfort level.

Our LAW ENFORCEMENT DUTY GEAR consists of Handcuff Cases, SWAT Belts, Mag Pouches, Leg Pouches, Folding Knife Sheaths, Belt Sheaths, Law Enforcement Baton Holders, Universal Flashlight Holders, Glove Pouches, Security Guard Badges, Radio Holders, Shoulder Straps and Law Enforcement Flashlight Holsters.

We carry LAW ENFORCEMENT FLASHLIGHTS ranging from LED Flashlights to Lithium Batterie Operated Flashlights. Super Bright Flashlights allow our officers to see their target and blind them while opening fire.

LAW ENFORCEMENT HANDCUFFS come in Steel, Double Locking, Nickel Plated, and Economy. Choose from Law Enforcement Leg Cuffs, Law Enforcement Thumbcuffs, Steel Hinged Handcuffs, and several Pocket Keys, Key Ring Holders and Swivel Keys.

We ship several LAW ENFORCEMENT MAGAZINES for almost every type of guns such as Ruger P-85, 9mm, Government .45, Carbine 14m, Carbine US 13m, and Cammenga Easy Mags.

LAW ENFORCEMENT PEPPER SPRAY, DEFENSE SPRAY, and KEY RING PEPPER SPRAY cannot be shipped everywhere. Please check our Pepper Spray page to check your local laws.



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